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 Nantes, France  |  12-14 June 2024 

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Nantes, France 

12-14 June 2024

From the 12th to the 14th of June, #EBN2024 will gather innovation experts, business incubation executives, corporate leaders, and senior-level government officials in Nantes, France. 

Co-organised by Atlanpole and supported by our partners, in 2024 our community will gather to discuss how can we best navigate the delicate balance between sustainable, economic, and industrial development goals. 

Business and entrepreneurship support organisations, as the architects of innovation, are laying the groundwork for our future. As ecosystem orchestrators, EU|BICs are breaking down silos and fostering systemic collaboration within their regions - integrating their ecosystem’s collective competencies within the innovation process to foster growth, and knowledge, and effectively emerge as cornerstones of a prosperous tomorrow.

#EBN2024 will explore how the EU|BIC community is supporting challenge-driven, strong, innovation networks – regionally and EU-wide - and supporting entrepreneurial innovation that modernises industrial ventures.

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Supporting sustainable industry

Sustainability and industry converge in innovation. And this convergence is an imperative. The long-term viability of the industrial sector in Europe, its competitiveness, social and labour attractiveness, and the capacity to answer unexpected crises robustly (EU’s technological and industrial sovereignty) will hinge on maximising the capabilities of its surrounding innovation ecosystems.

The industrial landscape of the future embraces ecological responsibility, resource efficiency, and social impact. Innovation is the catalyst for this change. Can we strengthen the European net-zero industrial capacity and overcome barriers to scaling up manufacturing solutions?

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Leading questions

Can we increase competitiveness and industrial robustness while achieving our net-zero goals?

Can Europe produce its own strategic net-zero technologies to meet demand and reach its 2030 goals?

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How are we orchestrating our innovation ecosystem towards answering sustainability challenges?

How can we tap into the right skills to maintain high-level human capital capacities for Europe’s innovation ecosystem? 

How are the best business support programmes tackling the specific challenges of industry-oriented (green)tech start-ups and SMEs?

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Group discounts  - organisations bringing 3 or more people benefit from 10% off all tickets. 

Combi-tickets  - Discounted tickets for the 2024 EBN Congress, 12-14 June in Nantes and the EBN Techcamp, 19-21 November in Dublin, Ireland.

The ticket should be assigned to an individual for both events.

The base price for Techcamp will be 250€ for EU|BIC members.

- members

EU|BIC Community 

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EU|BIC Community 

Pay by bank transfer

*The basic price of these tickets is €500 for the Combi tickets and €350 for the EBN Congress ticket. Group discounts apply. 

Once you place an order we will send you the invoice with our banking details.


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EU|BIC Community 

Pay by card

General Audience

Pay by bank transfer

*The basic price of these tickets is €790 for the Combi tickets and €480 for the EBN Congress ticket. Group discounts apply. 

Once you place an order we will send you the invoice with our banking details.

EU|BIC Community 

Pay by bank transfer

*the price is the same as the price by card. Once you place an order we will send you the invoice with banking details

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