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June 14 - 15

Brno, Czechia

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Join EBN2023, the largest gathering of European 
incubators, accelerators, science parks, innovation centres, and innovation supporters of all kinds.

EBN Congress unites people around the potential of scientific breakthroughs, entrepreneurship and company creation to drive sustainable economic development and greater well-being in Europe – and beyond. 

Develop new strategies, business models, and collaborations to mitigate risks and re-position your company in uncertain times.

Develop new strategies

Meet future partners

Meet future partners and develop your global network of innovation leaders, experts, and decision-makers.

Tap into a well-cultivated and curated network of business support actors and business multipliers sharing knowledge, human resources, technology development and funding.

Develop your global network

Debate, co-learn, and design strategies to navigate your business and turn a crisis into an opportunity.

Debate and
co-learn with experts

Why attend?

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Countries Worldwide

Quality-certified incubators


Connect in 1 Location

Business incubation executives

Corporate leaders

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Senior-level policymakers




The urgency for innovation is rising. The uncertainty of our times, caused by back-to-back global crises and existential challenges, must be tackled through innovation. The development of new technologies, business models, and tools is required at a pace never seen before. The innovation community must adapt its business, innovation practices (IR&D), structures, and talents to face incoming challenges, new markets, and society’s needs.

New methodologies are needed. More than ever, tailoring your organisation to specific focuses became a prerequisite in innovation, from digitalisation and systemic design to sustainability.


Innovation is the beginning of new possibilities and can be a solution to crises. The 2023 EBN Congress will explore how the innovation community should approach uncertainty as an opportunity. How to tackle it, what solutions to seek, and how to make decisions in the face of instability?

Leading questions

How can the innovation sector deal with uncertainty while tackling today's complex problems?

Pursuing sustainability & digitisation for SMEs, how to incorporate the best new tools and develop partnerships supporting your organisation and startup clients?

How to increase organisational capacity for rapid response to new challenges and drive innovation — every day.

How to utilise skills, experience and existing tools, resources and technology to stimulate rapid innovation?


innovation ecosystems

Building lasting partnerships for responsive ecosystems systemic-design and frameworks for tackling local-global challenges.

Access to Finance

Building funding methods and networks regional and across borders – connect with business angel networks, VCs, and 

government funding. 


Green Economy

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​How can we support innovation to create solutions to instability?

From scouting to assisting founders to become successful entrepreneurs, how can business support organisations be best equipped to help innovative solutions reach the market?

Meet our speakers

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Vaughn Tan

Author of the 
Uncertainty Mindset

Kadi Silde

Head of Transition Team
Defence Innovation Accelerator for NATO

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