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2022 EBN Congress.

Transition to 2030

24-25 May 2021

the Square,

Mont des Art

centre of Brussels

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The conferece

The Conference

24-25 May 2021

Two Days of Powerful Dialogue

Our future is chosen, not endured. 

The rapid and urgent transformations surrounding us demand bold action from entrepreneurial innovators, their support actors, policymakers, funders, and even common citizens. Inaction is no longer a choice; foresight is a necessity - and being responsive, resilient, and agile is a demand. 


How is the Innovation community enacting the change it wants in the world?

How are innovators and their support actors readjusting, enduring, persisting, and pulling us towards greater wellbeing and a greener, more resilient and connected socio-economic development?

As we enter our emergent future, debate, co-learning, co-exploration of pathways are an essential partner in our transition towards 2030. 

Powered by the EU|BIC community, the 2022 EBN Congress wil gather corporate leaders, senior-level government officials, business incubation executives, and innovative experts - in person - in Brussels.


About EBN

What is EBN?


EBN is a not-for-profit that serves a pan-European, global community of people that use innovative business as a driver for regional (economic, social, and sustainable) development.

EBN’s initiatives include EU|BIC certification, development and distribution of quality business support programmes, facilitation and initiation of project collaborations, global networking and advocacy for excellent business support actors like the EU|BICs. There are now more than 130 quality-certified EU|BICs and 40+ Associate Members in over 30+ countries shaping our global EBN network.


Becoming an EU|BIC means responding to our mission to use business and innovation as a force for regional development with the best possible actions to create thriving startups and SMEs. In other words, EU|BICs take real steps to ensure that their services are best advantageous to their clients and best advantageous to their regions.











Proud to drive inspirational discussions on key challenges to innovation and new pathways towards greater wellbeing and global sustainable economic development. 

Inspired by engaging speakers we will focus on the bold action European Innovation actors are taking towards a greener, fairer, more resilient, and agile society.


Showcasing best practices, we will explore the transformative power of innovation and how it can lead to achieving our common goals. 

  • Quality Business Support

  • Regional Development

  • Access to finance

  • Internationalisation and scaling -up


What and who are the key drivers of European innovation? How can innovation support resilience? How can we best act?

Why sponsor?

Shaping the future innovators
  • Meet a curated audience of innovation leaders and expand your global network of practitioners, experts, decision-makers and future innovators

  • Gain exclusive access to shared-learning insights and discover how your organisation fits best in Europe's largest innovation incubation network 

  • Hear from thought leaders from across the world, engage in debates, share ideas and co-design futures for innovation support

  • Help set the agenda for how the innovation incubation sector may be transformed by this period of crisis

What makes it unique
Two Days of Powerful Dialogue

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Strategic Communication & Partnership Manager 

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