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Content and insights sponsor

Updated: Nov 9, 2021

Highlight your organisation or project's insights, practices and services to a targeted audience of business innovation stakeholders across Europe.

EBN Congress is an ideal entry point to embed your organisation or project as a forward-acting innovation facilitator in the deepening European innovation landscape.

What we offer

As Content and insight sponsor you are cordially invited by EBN to present your solution and participate in various panel discussions. Topics of the addresses are free of choice contributing to the main themes of the congress. Your organisation will be steering debates, showcasing solutions and be highlighted pre-, during and post conference event as a main driver of European innovation.

Together with the community of EU|BICs, their 20,000+ client companies and our institutional partners we are co-creating the entrepreneurial culture supporting an innovative Europe.

What to expect

Participation as content and insight sponsor at Emergent Futures grants your organisation:

  • Direct access to 130+ certified EU Business and Innovation Centres (EU|BICs), 45+ Associate members in 30+ countries worldwide

  • Access to 20,000+ entrepreneurial innovators (startups and scale-ups) working on Europe's most challenging issues, operating in areas ranging from Digital Innovation, Sustainability to Agri-food and from Industry 4.0, Advanced Materials and Deep Tech to New Space.

  • Networking with our members and partners, among others active in European Digital Innovation Hubs, ESA Space Solution Centres (ESA-BICs) and leading university entrepreneurship centres working with Europe's future highly-skilled talents

Steer the debate and co-design the future

As a content sponsor you are invited to join multiple speaking opportunities during the two conference days. These moderated discussions (60 min) emphasise the role of business innovation supporters in driving sustainable economic development in partnership with existing initiatives and actors.

Continued connection with European business innovation experts and startup companies, from emerging innovators to scale-ups:

  • Solution demos in the ‘exhibitors’ section

  • Extended visibility with onsite promotional materials and online promotion campaigns

Content and insight sponsor: the ideal steppingstone to showcase valuable tools and initiatives that can support EU|BIC business acceleration experts in nurturing Europe's innovators.

What makes it unique

Innovative solutions can have transformative impact far beyond regional, sectorial and business environments. EU|BICs and their client companies are committed to develop the digital technologies enabling and creating the convergence of communities based on commonalities far beyond the shared physical environment and continental barriers.

Looking to the future, corporate facilitators, EBN, and the EU|BIC community acknowledge the global megatrends and take this moment of recovery to co-create the direction of innovation. Due to the many synergies, our members are well-positioned to realise sustainable solutions for the challenges Europe and its citizens face.

New solutions and initiatives which amplify the potential of our shared research, science and business acceleration capacities, as such, are key to solve Europe's most pressing challenges.

You are invited to join the European community of business innovation leaders as a content and insight sponsor of the 2022 'Transition to 2030' congress.

Educational sponsor package costs:

EUR 3,500,-

About EBN

EBN is a not-for-profit that serves a pan-European, global community of people that use innovative business as a driver for regional (economic) development.

EBN’s initiatives include EU|BIC certification, development and distribution of quality business support programmes, facilitation and initiation of project collaborations, global networking and advocacy for excellent business support actors like the EU|BICs. There are now more than 130 quality-certified EU|BICs and 40+ Associate Members in over 30+ countries shaping our global network.

Becoming an EU|BIC means responding to our mission to use business and innovation as a force for regional development with the best possible actions to create thriving startups and SMEs. In other words, EU|BICs take real steps to ensure that their services are best advantageous to their clients and best advantageous to their regions.

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