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The deadline ends on 15 March

Innovate for Impact:
EU|BIC Excellence Awards 2024

Celebrating excellence in business and entrepreneurship support, in 2024 we are awarding and recognising the impact EU|BICs generate on their territory.

Marking the 40th anniversary of the EU|BIC community, EBN is showcasing its members' contributions, shedding light on their initiatives, and actively advancing its mission to identify, commemorate, share and prominently feature, the most effective practices within its community.


17 January


15 March

The eligibility criteria is very simple:

  1. Be a member of the EU|BIC community

  2. Participation at 2024 EBN Congress

Call for applications

To apply you need to fill in the following form:

To see how the application is structure, click below:

Evaluation phase

In the 1st phase, the EBN secretariat evaluates all applications and narrows them to 15.

In the 2nd phase, our jury will select the best 7 applications to take the stage in Nantes. The jury will be composed of Atlanpole, Furthr, Jo Johnson, Johson Jo and Jojo JonJon


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Until the

end of April

Assessment criteria:

  • Context/challenge (15 points)

  • The programme description (30)

  • Impact (30)

  • Transferability (15)

  • Communication (10)

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13 June

The 7 programmes will be promoted to the community and EBN Congress participants. They will pitch on stage on June 13. 

The winner will be selected by the audience.

Promotion, dissemination

pitching and the winner

Winners will gain 2 free tickets to the 2024 EBN Techcamp (19 - 21 November in Dublin, Ireland) and will be featured in EBN publications and events, showcasing its expertise and best practices.

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Eligible applicants must:

  1. Be an EU|BIC community member

  2. Participation at EBN Congress 2024: Only submissions from EU|BIC community members attending EBN Congress are considered.

Evaluation and Selection

The following criteria will dictate the success of applications:

  • The challenge: considering the context in which the programme was developed and implemented. What need or gap is this programme tackling? 15 points

  • The business support programme: Assessing the overall programme. How innovative and novel are its approaches and methodologies? How have they significantly contributed to the creation, growth and development of new innovative businesses? How has it been implemented (activities, tools, methodologies, structure of the programme, staff involved, etc)? 30 points

  • Impact: What is the impact generated by the programme? We will consider economic, social and environmental outcomes. It also considers the sustainability and inclusion dimensions of programmes and stakeholder engagement. 30 points

  • Transferability: Is the programme (or part of it) transferable to other members of the EU|BIC community? Can its success and/or its methods be replicated? 15 points

  • Communication: Assessing the slide deck submitted by applicants to present the programme – max 15 slides in English – and other supporting documents such as video, brochures, etc... 10 points


100/100 is the max scoring



All applications will be evaluated by 2 colleagues of the EBN secretariat according to the standardised scoring system above. The average scoring of all assessed proposals will create a preliminary ranking list. Of these, the best 15 will be presented to a collaborative review jury, composed of colleagues from both EBN event's hosts - Atlanpole and Furthr - and illustrious colleagues who formerly worked at an EU|BIC community member. 


The jury will then select the best 7 applications who will have the chance to pitch their programme on stage at the 2024 EBN Congress. They will be able to promote their work and “campaign” for votes. Among the 7, the winner will be selected by the audience present in Nantes and the award will be given during the networking dinner on 13 June 2024.

The winner will be featured in future EBN publications, trainings, and/or events. We will spotlight their work and showcase achievements and best practices to the whole community. The winner will receive 2 free tickets to the 2024 EBN Techcamp, taking place in Dublin on the 19th-21st of November, and have the opportunity to further connect with fellow business support organizations, potential partners, and entrepreneurs.

For any clarification you might need, please email 


Please specify “EBN Awards 2024” in the email subject.

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