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June 14 - 15

Brno, Czechia

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How to support innovation, business creation and acceleration in uncertain times? 

The largest gathering of incubators, accelerators and science parks connecting the global community of people supporting innovative businesses.  

EBN Congress unites people around the potential of scientific breakthroughs, entrepreneurship and company creation to drive sustainable economic development and greater well-being in Europe – and beyond. 

Why should  you attend?

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& incubators





Connect in 1 location

Business incubation executives

Corporate leaders

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Senior-level policymakers




Innovation in uncertain times

The urgency for innovation is rising. The uncertainty of our times, caused by back-to-back global crises and existential challenges, must be tackled through innovation. The development of new technologies, business models, and tools is required at a pace never seen before. The innovation community must adapt its business, innovation practices (IR&D), structures, and talents to face incoming challenges, new markets, and society’s needs.

New methodologies are needed. More than ever, tailoring your organisation to specific focuses became a prerequisite in innovation, from digitalisation and systemic design to sustainability.


Innovation is the beginning of new possibilities and can be a solution to crises. The 2023 EBN Congress will explore how the innovation community should approach uncertainty as an opportunity. How to tackle it, what solutions to seek, and how to make decisions in the face of instability?

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Leading questions

How can the European innovation community act with effective agility under uncertainty? 

How can we support innovation to create solutions to instability? 

How do you incorporate new tools and develop partnerships to meet sustainability & digitisation goals, and a higher quality of living?

How, where, and what existing knowledge, resources and technology can we repurpose? What skills are necessary to stimulate rapid innovation?

Cultural & Creative Industries

Green Economy

Ecosystem Orchestration

As orchestrators of the wider innovation ecosystem, business support organisations are poised to drive economic growth and improve quality of life in their regions. How are innovation ecosystems collaborating to unlock new opportunities for growth and development?

Access to Finance

Through actionable advice and sharing of tested programs and tools, our participants will gain a deeper understanding of the best practices for creating and maintaining successful access to finance strategies and networks.


From scouting for innovations with business potential to assisting academic founders in becoming successful entrepreneurs, we will explore how business support organisations can be best-equipped to help deep tech solutions reach the market.


2023 Speakers

Past Speakers

Jean-David Malo.jpg

Jean-David Malo

Director, European Innovation Council


Daria Krivonos

CEO, Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies

Bahcall A -author photo.png

Safi Bahcall

Author of Loonshots


Massamba Thioye

UNFCCC Global Innovation 

Cornelis Eldering (Niels).png

Niels Eldering

Head, ESA Business Incubation

Christina Fanjul Alfonso.png

Cristina Fanjul

EBN President
Director EU|BIC CEEI Asturias

Laura Lecci.jfif

Laura Lecci


GM_CE official_2019_0025.jpg

Giacomo Mattino

Head of Unit, European Commission, DG GROW

Nicola De Michelis.jpg

Nicola De Michelis

Director, European Commission, DG REGIO

Nir Koren.jpeg

Nir Koren

CEO, Buildinn


Laura Atienza

Head of Sector, European Commission, DG INTPA


Sébastien Bruyr

COO, Odoo

Magda MIT.png

Magdalena Jabłońska

MIT Entreprise Forum


Izabela Milewska

Global Digital Skills leader, Amazon Web Services


Thomas Ohr


Book your ticket


Until the 31st of March, benefit from our early bird discount - 10% off in all tickets - using the promo code EBN2023.

Benefit from and additional 10% on the purchase of 3 tickets or more for your organization.

If you prefer to buy a ticket via bank transfer or another way, please do not hesitate to write us at

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Our Partners

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Innovation community partners

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Service provider partners


Special Lufthansa Group airlines fares #EBN2023.

Austrian Airlines, Lufthansa, SWISS, Brussels Airlines and Eurowings offer optimal connection and combination options.

Use the code BEAUISG to book your travel to nearby airports of Vienna, Prague, or Bratislava.

Join us in Brno

Brno is an ideal place in the centre of Europe. Just a few hours from some of the most vibrant capitals of Central Europe, Brno is a strong region to create international business connections, scientific collaborations, or just to get to know a bit more about central European culture.

🔬 One-third of electron microscopes worldwide are made in Brno

🛡️ Over 400 000 000 people use cybersecurity programs developed in the region.


🛰️ Brno is home and responsible for the creation of devices orbiting the stratosphere, dynamic IT startups, and computer games to name just a few.

There is no shortage of successful companies in Brno thanks to their strong research and development background and developed business infrastructure. One of the main reasons is a strong academic background – there are 11 higher education institutions in Brno alone, studied by 65,000 students. Research is also conducted by eight institutes of the Czech Academy of Sciences. Official statistics note that 2% of all employees in the region are conducting some form of R&D, and 30+% of those are women. 

Come and join us! #EBN2023 is proud to invite you to meet this tight-knit innovative business community in the heart of central Europe!

Your travel and stay


The easiest way how to get to Brno may be via Vienna, Prague and Bratislava. All three are  a 2-3 hours train and/or Bus ride away. However, Vienna might be your easiest connection, as both from the city and the airport you can take a train or a bus and get directly to Brno in less than two hours

Hotel International

Most of #EBN2023 will be hosted at the Hotel International. As such, we recommend our guest book their stay at the hotel. 

#EBN2023 will be able to benefit from more competitive prices for their stay:

  • Single room: 99,- euro

  • Double room: 119,- euro


Reservations must be made exclusively via email at and include the discount code "EBN2023" in the email.


This reduced price will only be available until 6th May. For more information about the hotel and its facilities feel free to visit its website.

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