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PSkilled EU-BICs - 2.3. (n)

26 JUNE 2014 / 14:30 - 16:30
Skilled EU-BICs
WS 2.3
Auditorio 2 Leandre Cristòtol

Skilled EU-BICs

The aim of this workshop is to define an "EU|BIC” today. As the incubation landscape changes, as new support systems and methods breach in the industry, as new platforms are bringing new opportunities to the start-up movement, as new support actors emerge (some to stay, others to die) EU|BICs continue their work relentlessly. The EU|BIC community has been around nowadays for 30 years.

Of course, the Business and Innovation Centres community has changed as well over the years. Indeed the dynamics of the community show that a certain degree of turnover has occurred. Overall, the number of BICs in the world has remained steady, as new territories in Europe and abroad have decided to enter the BIC community acquiring the BIC label.

The pursue of continuous improvement of processes, methods, performances and efficiency has been, through the years, the real distinctive characteristic of the EU|BICs. As supporting innovative business poses great challenges, the pool of existing BICs have decided to make sure that a serious approach is being deployed at local level, and have decided not to miss out opportunities for improving the quality of the services deployed and to improve their efficiency. This certainly is not an easy task, and EBN has tried to help members through the elaboration of benchmarking analysis, observatory reports and exchange of best practices, and is now striving to take the quality initiative to the next level. Indeed the work undertaken by a EU|BIC cannot be viewed solely as a numbers’ game, where the well-known and measured KPIs are extrapolated from the context these are generated. Innovations generate impacts that are not important only in terms of jobs created and wealth generated. They can have a wide impact on lives, quality of life and life-stiles. Yet another reason why continuous improvement is fundamental. EU|BICs face then additional challenges when young entrepreneurs are involved. A specific focus will be put on the needs of young entrepreneurs while trying to reply to the question: are the current programs deployed up to the task?

EBN is the EU-BIC network, the place where the art of the method is cultivated, updated and constantly improved. Being an EU-BIC is a serious game and it requires smart & serious people, with smart & serious methodologies. Discover our most recent updates.

Giodano DICHTER, Head of EU|BIC Services Team, EBN - Brussels (EU)

Fernando HERRERO, Madrid Emprende - Madrid (ES)
Montse BASORA, Barcelona Activa - Barcelona (ES)
Nicola-Elisabeth MORRIS, EC-DG Entreprise & Industry - Brussels (EU)
Janette PALLAS, ST John's Innovation Centre - Cambridge (GB)
Patrice THIRY, La Maison de l'Entreprise - Mons (BE)