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Another successful EBN Congress thanks to your participation

PSmart Mobility - 1.1.

25 JUNE 2014 / 15:30 - 17:00
Smart Mobility
WS 1.1
Room MR1

In this 23rd edition EBN wants to highlight the efforts done by the BICs to accelerate young entrepreneurship. Under the theme of "Empower Youth | Accelerate Entrepreneurship | Transform Lives” we’ll discuss how youth unemployment can be tackled through an innovative entrepreneurial culture.

Energy efficiency, low-carbon mobility solutions, electric vehicles, satellite-enabled solutions, all these areas are stimulating the emergence of thousands of applications developers, and especially young smart entrepreneurs. Various EBN projects are exploring these fields, such as INTRASME, SUNRISE and S2G2M2.

The World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) has defined sustainable mobility as: "the ability to meet the needs of society to move freely, gain access, communicate, trade and establish relationships without sacrificing other essential human or ecological values today or in the future”.

In this slide developed by MIRA (INTRASME partner), we clearly see the need for smart andinnovative solutions filling in the gap between the fast growing urban population and existing transport infrastructures on one side, andthe need for safer, greener and smarter mobility solutions on the other side.

Smart Mobility is about finding these solutions; integrated solutions provided by different industries operating together.

"Mobility” is consumed primarily by the public and freight. "Mobility” is provided through a wide supplier community including: Transport infrastructure providers; Transport infrastructure managers; Telecoms providers; Network equipment providers; Mobile data device manufacturers; Content suppliers; Vehicle manufacturers; Emerging technology providers.

In this broad community lies challenge and opportunity. This workshop will highlight the opportunities identified across Europe and the future trends in smart mobility and low carbon transportation, particularly for innovative SMEs.

"I travel not to go anywhere, but to go. I travel for travel's sake. The great affair is to move" - Robert Louis Stevenson

Chiara DAVALLI, Project Manager, EBN - Brussels (EU)

David MORRIS, Coventry University - Coventry (GB)
Pietro PERLO, Torino e-district - Turin (IT)
Natasa DEUTINGER, AZO (ESA-BIC Bavaria) - Munich (DE)
Bruno NAULAIS, ESA European Space Agency - Noordwijk (NL)

Louis-Philippe MAURICE, Busbud - Montreal (CA)