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Another successful EBN Congress thanks to your participation


Venues for the congress:

Av. Tortosa, 4
25005 Lleida
+34 973 22 11 55

The event will take place in the city of Lleida (Lerida), at the Lleida City Congress Centre "La Llotja”

Connected with the world

On the banks of the Segre River, within the economic centre of the entrepreneurial city of Lleida, 35.000 m2 designed to house events from five to 2.000 participants. A building which has been designed by the architect Francine Houben of Mecanoo, based on versatility, accessibility and sustainability criteria.

Turó de la Seu Vella,
25002 Segriŕ
+34 973 23 06 53

The welcome cocktail will take place at the Seu Vella, a precious symbol for the people of Lleida, the Seu Vella is a surprising cathedral, candidate to be inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Born at the dawn of the year 1200, it is the result of over two centuries of intensive work in which Romanesque and Gothic styles have come together in the most elegant and harmonious manner.

Its bareness, which some find disconcerting and others wondrous, is the fruit of the cruel fate that befell it when it was turned into a military barracks for more than two centuries. Despite its depletions, the Seu Vella retains a powerful and rich amount of sculpture in the form of capitals, cornices, corbels and portals where a fantasy and whimsical world, that has been painstakingly chiselled, shares the space with a more standard repertoire of interesting polychrome examples.

EBN participants will have the chance to enjoy the welcome cocktail in its cloister, which is of unusual dimensions, is considered one of the largest in the Gothic Europe.

N-240, Km 102,5

The Finca Prats, a luxurious and gardened state 10km from Lleida city centre,
 is the place chosen for the gala dinner.