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European BIC Network

The European Business & Innovation Centre Network (EBN) was set up in 1984 as a joint initiative of the European Commission, European industry leaders and the first pioneering Business and Innovation Centres. EBN is now the leading non-governmental pan-European network bringing together 200+ Business and Innovation Centres (BICs) and similar organisations such as incubators and entrepreneurship centres across the enlarged Europe.

BICs are support organisations which promote innovation and entrepreneurship. They help enterprises to innovate and accelerate; they drive the creation of start-ups, provide integrated incubation services, support innovation-based projects and mentor growing SMEs. They promote economic development through job and enterprise creation and development.

The network is an umbrella organisation bringing together over 200 BICs from all around Europe and beyond. It provides help and support to these BICs by acting as an interface with other organisations including the European Commission and the European Space Agency, by providing expertise in numerous areas including funding and by stimulating the sharing of best practices.

EBN follows closely the European Union Enlargement and Neighbourhood policies and is developing ‘hub and spoke” networking connections with innovation platform in Russia, China, Middle-East, North-Africa, North & South America. EBN is also deploying projects for the UNDP and the World Bank.

EBN implements a certification and quality system enabling the development of a network of excellence through the integration of a quality approach. The BICs that have been granted the BIC trademark commit themselves to respect their obligations within the quality process of the network. The EBN quality process adds value to the BIC trademark and to the organisations that have received the licence – professionalism, performance, consistency and positioning. This label is the unique professional European standard for Incubators.

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The ceeilleida Foundation is a body consisting of the main the socio-economic actors in Lleida (Lleida Provincial Council, City of Lleida, Lleida University, Lleida Chamber of Commerce and Tarrega, UGT, CCOO, La Caixa, and Pimec COELL) with the objective of identifying innovative ideas and provide them with material and human resources to transform them into consistent business.

The BIC was born in 2005 and enrolled as a foundation in 2006, the year in which it is consolidated as final member of the network of Spanish BICs ANCES, and sign the contract with EBN European network of BICs. The houses in their technological and innovation projects with potential economic viability and that can positively affect the economic diversification of Lleida and job creation facilities entrepreneurial initiatives.

The ceeilleida has a business center in Lleida, hosting companies for a period of three years, a total of 35 local very different profiles (Conference des 20 m2 to small industrial units of 100 m2). In total the center of more than 4,000 m2, has 30 technology modules, 5 industrial, office administration of BIC, training rooms and meeting rooms and rest areas. From the start the BIC has a specialized and consolidated workforce. To which is added a portfolio of technical expertise in different areas.

The ceeilleida has become a successful model and local model for disseminating and supporting entrepreneurship and accompany all those who have a business idea and want to start it, as well as providing facilities in different areas of the province with very favorable conditions.
The ceeilleida during 2012 consolidated provincial level the most extensive network of business incubators in the same area over 10,000 m2 and more than 100 local entrepreneurs available.

Therefore, the main objectives of ceeilleida and network are: to promote the creation of new businesses and especially those with innovative and diversify the economy of the municipality's area of influence, encourage improvement of existing businesses and support entrepreneurs in the process of commissioning , installation and consolidation of your project and cooperate with other institutions supporting entrepreneurship territory to retain talent and create skilled jobs.

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